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Sharareh Tabatabaei was born on September 28, 1985. She is a contemporary and mordern artist who established Artinova Gallery in Iran in 2017 and soon in Germany. She specializes in Sculpture Painting as well as Glass & Mirror painting.

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She tries to depic her love in flowers and gentle movements of branches in all her work in a different way. Her world of artworks includes feminine and subtle ideas and features. These artworks are primarily created by implementing new ideas and this is why you can see variety of bases and choice of colors in her works.

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She - under the name of Artinova Gallery - participated in Creative World 2019 to introduce part of her artistic activities to art lovers and people during this show.

Sharareh Tabatabaei has hold more than 20 training workshops for more than 150 people worldwide.

She plans to share what she has experienced and practiced during her artistic life by more nad more people and always bring artlovers joy and enthusiasm by presenting new ideas and artworks.

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+20 training workshops

We have hold more than 20 training worldwide workshops

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+150 Student

More than 150 students in our workshops different countries

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+500 Customer in Europe

More than 500 customer from 25 countries

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